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History of LDC

Lanarkshire Deaf Club (LDC) is a new deaf club that was formed on 6th September 2003; we meet every Saturday from 7pm to 11pm in the Daisy Park Centre in Motherwell. We started with 44 members, and the membership is now over 200.  We are a volunteer led organisation. Every Saturday, like any other Deaf Club, we have Bingo, hopefully the committee will organise more events so we can look forward to a variety of events this year.

The first event after the Deaf Club was formed, was our Halloween Party which was a great success. Many people attended, both young and old. We had games like dunking for apples, which the children’s enjoyed, parades, and a parade to see who had the best fancy dress, There were winners in both the adults & children’s parades. There were good prizes. Sandwiches & nuts were provided for all the members. A good evening.

The next event was the Christmas Gala, which was organised by the Football Club, they raised £130, which they gave to the Deaf Club for their funds. We had a disco, a Raffle and a ticket raffle. Various firms and sponsors donated the prizes in the raffle. The prizes included a microwave, a DVD player, various bottles of wine & spirits, chocolates etc. The ticket raffle which drawn by using the 2nd half of our Christmas Gala tickets with the number at the back of the ticket and it was for one prize – bottle of whisky. Again we had a good turnout, which pleased us, considering the fact that we had just formed the club and already we had a good turnout, which looks promising for the future of the Deaf Club!

In 2013 the deaf club moved to the new Daisy Park Community Centre in Cassells Street.  Everyone was happy at the extra space.  The club has grown in numbers over the years to be very successful family orientated deaf club.  We now run a drop-in service at our office at the Civic Centre and run a busy family group on Friday mornings.

Thank you to all the members for their continued support.

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