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History and Development of Lanarkshire Deaf Club


Ian Galloway founded Lanarkshire Deaf Club on 6th September 2003. We originally started with 44 members and met every Saturday at 7pm – 11pm in The Daisy Park Community Centre, 105 Roman Road, Motherwell.   The committee planned and held many successful events such as Easter parties, Halloween parties and the Christmas Gala.

In 2011 North Lanarkshire Council opened the New Daisy Park Community Centre in Cassells Street in Motherwell. We were moved to the new centre and were very happy with the new space. However due to the growing number of membership we had to look for a new venue.

On 14th October 2017 we moved back to the partially renovated Daisy Park centre in Roman Road in Motherwell.   This move gave us the opportunity to provide a 7-day service. On the opening day we had over 250 people in attendance for the fun and activities. Our membership has grown considerable since 2003 to over 350 members in 2018. The committee and staff continue to organise and support the various activities that we host throughout the year.

Our centre provides various groups and activities for all age groups.   A timetable of these activities can be found on our home page or updates can be found on our facebook page.

We actively encourage and welcome both Deaf and hearing children and families to attend the club. Our family friendly environment and volunteers is one of the reasons that Lanarkshire Deaf Club continues to grow.

Our weekly family group for pre-schoolers is a fantastic place to come along and learn baby sign, enjoy bookbug sessions in British Sign Language and provide support for Deaf and Hearing parents alike. We continue to support older children through out regular Youth Club and linked events.

We provide Deaf Awareness training and British Sign Language training to local businesses, other voluntary organisations and individuals.   Within the centre we offer a drop in service to assist with the translation of letters and support to make phonecalls. The job club aims to provide communication support for the Deaf community in seeking employment. This is from application stage all the way to induction training when starting work.

We continue to raise awareness of the Deaf community and provide a place where the Deaf community can meet and interact with their peers.


The Staff and Volunteers of Lanarkshire Deaf Club would like to thank everyone for their continued support.

Please see the ‘Our Funders’ tab to view our funders and supporters.